what’s in my gym bag?


I’m one of those people that loves change and variety; I also am one of those people that constantly tends to forget things which is why my gym bag is full of random things.

Here a checklist of what you’ll find in my gym bag:

  1. Hand wraps for boxing – hand wraps are mandatory at Undrcard so i like to keep a pair in my bag so I’m always ready box.
  2. Nike Studio Wraps – i’m fortunate enough to work at a place that has classes on site. One of my favourites is barre so i like to keep a pair of studio wraps in my bag if I’m able to make a class.
  3. Antiperspirant and body spray – smelling bad is one of my biggest fears. Whether it is before or after a workout, i need to ensure I’m not causing noses to scrunch.
  4. Extra pair of socks – remembering to pack a pair seems to slip my mind which is the worst especially if you’re wearing tall / dress socks.
  5. Weightlifting gloves – embarrassingly, these haven’t seen the light of day in ages. However, I like to keep them in my bag for the day I return to weightlifting.
  6. Chapstick – Calgary is the driest city i’ve ever been to. It’s almost mandatory to have chap stick on you at all times.
  7. Hair ties – I usually keep one or two on my wrist at all times. I have a ton of hair so without hair ties, I would have to abort mission. Always need back-ups.
  8. Headphones – pretty standard. Cardio is the saddest thing without music, at least for me.
  9. Face wipes – I cannot do certain workouts with makeup on, especially hot yoga. Everything runs down my face and my eyes are on fire from mascara running. I like to keep these handy so I can be a sweaty mess without having to “cry.”
  10. Travel size dry shampoo – to get me through those mid-afternoon bar classes or late night events.

*winter edition add, Leg warmers – I usually go from gym to home without changing and I’ve suffered some seriously frozen calves. I usually keep a pair of leg warmers in my bag to throw on quickly between destinations.

And there you have it, my gym bag cheat sheet so that I’m ready for whatever the workout. Anything I’m missing?

xo, maria


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