lovely girl’s guide to Jamaica

I didn’t know much about Jamaica before going there and had a certain pre-conceived notion that was not accurate. I quickly learned that Jamaica has so many amazing things to offer from the lush green sceneries to the friendly people (especially men) to the chill vibe. In my brief time there, I fell in love with Jamaica and look forward to going back and further exploring the beautiful island. Here we have a list of some of my favourite activities this time around.

7. Get an airport roadie

First stop at the airport, before even getting on our bus, was a big ass roadie from Margaritaville. I’m sure everyone on the bus was supes jeals as the ride is about an hour to the hotel. You get to the hotel feeling ‘just…irie’

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6. Visit Margaritaville  

Our airport stop doesn’t really count as the full Jamaican Margaritaville experience. It’s like just the tip. With six Margaritaville on the island, Jamaica has discovered that tourists love Jimmy Buffet. The ones we visited had pools in the restaurants with slides, slides leading into the ocean, Tiki bars, ocean trampolines and more.

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Pro tip: if you don’t want to go to a Margaritaville and have gotten a taxi to take you places, specifically tell them you want a more traditional place because you will end up there.

5. Take a dip in the Luminous Lagoon

The Luminous Lagoon was pretty cool. My favourite part was when you would exit the water and your body would be covered in microscopic organisms that made you glitter like Britney Spears in Toxic but way less hot.

Pro tip 1: the boat ride at night can get pretty chilly so take a long sleeve shirt. I had brought a denim shirt and pretty sure everyone was envious.

Pro tip 2: we booked this through our hotel and took a tourist bus, however, best option would be to get a taxi and include this as part of your stops. Also, pictures are almost impossible to get with a phone, so try to arrange a tour where they have photos included as part of the service if you want to have a memory of this event.

4. Take a cruise on a Catamaran

This is one of my favourite things to do. You cruise on a boat listening to awesome music while drinking. The energy and enthusiasm of the boat staff was  high energy and magnetic which added to the experience.

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3. Eat AacKee and Saltfish

This is a traditional Jamaican dish and it’s delicious! I had no idea what it was when i was eating it and for some reason thought it was an egg and fish mixture, but turns out AacKee is a fruit so it’s pretty much the healthiest plate you’ll eat.

2. Drink buckets of Red Stripe at Rick’s Cafe

Voted one of the 10 best bars in the world, Rick’s Cafe is a must if you’re planning to go to Negril. There is a great vibe, cliff diving, packed with people and live music. Cliff diving aside, Rick’s Cafe is also known for it’s beautiful view of the sunset.

Pro tip: you need to arrive around 4p.m. to get a prime viewing spot– order a bucket of Red Label and drink until the sun goes down.

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1. Climb Dunn’s River Falls

This was a ton of fun and completely unexpected. In true late & lovely fashion, we arrived late to hotel briefing where they walk you through tours. We thought we were signing up for the Catamaran and the viewing of the falls. However, upon arrival we were surprised that we were going to climb the 180m ft falls. A tour guide helps you along including tips like “hold your coconuts!” when bikini tops are at risk of exposure. A must visit if you’ll be near Ocho Rios.

Didn’t do too much exploring this trip but it was a good balance between relaxation and adventure. Have you been to any of the above? Share your pro tips- would love to hear them!

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