staying on track during the holidays

With the holiday season upon us, it’s easy to get into bad habits. There’s parties, people to see, travel, etc. which clouds those healthy day-to-day  decisions.

Here are a few things we keep in mind before we head into our festivities.

Be realistic & leave your guilt at the door – it’s the holidays, it’s almost impossible to deny yourself of all the indulgences, and quite frankly, why would you want to? Find a plan of what is realistic for you – is it five parties plus an extra 30mins of cardio those same days? Or is it two feasts followed by two clean eating days? Whatever it is, accept that you will indulging in things you don’t usually eat, and be ok with it. No guilt. No beating yourself up. No regrets. Have small goals, try to stick to them and enjoy the moments.

Skip sugary drinks – there’s lots of temptation during the holiday’s starting with all the bevies- holiday cocktails, ciders, eggnog- oh my! Resist the urge to consume your calories (and the heaping sugar portions) by opting for wine or an alcohol mixed with water and fresh lemon/lime. You may not be able to avoid the hangover but sugary ones are the worst (or at least we think so). Your body and your head will thank you.

Don’t starve yourself throughout the day – it’s easy to fall into the mindset of “starve all day because a big meal is coming” in a distorted way of thinking that will “balance” the day. However, this is just going to result in you overeating unhealthier options. Instead, fill up throughout the day with nutritious foods including fruits and vegetables. We’d even recommend having a small meal before you head on over to your festivities so that you avoid filling up on fatty apps like crackers, cheeses, quiches, etc.

Skip seconds – it takes at least 20mins for  your brain to realize your stomach is full. When famished, you can easily down a dish in less than that causing you to overeat and eventually be in pain from everything you’ve consumed. Being in pain from over eating is the worst– trust us, we’ve been there many times 😬. We know that we don’t need more than one plate of food to be full, so know what your  body needs to be comfortable.

Stick to your routine – one of the things we’re super guilty of, is getting into the holidays and just thinking “I’ll start in the new year”. This sends us down this dark path that all of our behaviours are excused and we can eat our way into a food coma. This is the worst thing you can do and will make trying to get back into your groove, that much more challenging.

Stay active – it’s so tempting to put on your fuzzy reading socks and curl up on the couch for the entire Christmas break, so one of our goals is to make more of an effort to be active during the holidays. This doesn’t have to be over-the-top, but try going for a brisk walk outdoors and scope out the Christmas lights in your neighbourhood, or catch up with a friend or family member by heading to a yoga or spin class together to get your blood flowing.

Keep your goals in mind – and enjoy this festive season!

Any other tips we should consider? Let us know!

xo, late & lovely

Merry Christmas 🎄 


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