lovely girl’s guide to race etiquette


We’re by no means hardcore runners, but with a few half marathons and 10ks under our belts, we wanted to share some tips for how to be a polite, mindful runner:

Keep your sweat to yourself

  • You’re running, it’s understandable you’ll be sweaty. But please don’t leave an inch of space between you and another person as you race by them, spraying them with your sweat. Ick.

Leave your pocket change/keys at home

  • You know those small, insignificant noises that creep up on you and eventually drive you nuts (e.g. the constant clicking of a pen)? That’s what it feels like running beside someone who felt the need to carry all of their loose change, or their fully decked out key chain jangling in their pockets. Enough to drive others insane. Just bring one key, your ID, and a debit/credit card.

Hands up!

  • We recently learned the art of the “10 and one” – ten minutes of running, with one minute of walking. It’s a great way to pace yourself, and we like to raise a hand up to signal it’s walking time. That way we’re not coming to a complete halt in the middle of other runners.

Work on your aim

  •  Water/fuel stations are often the light at the end of the tunnel, and thirsty runners tend to crowd the water stations. After talking your cup of water/banana peel, throw it to your right or left, making sure it’s out of the way, not smack in the middle of the course. No one wants live out a Mario Kart banana peel scenario in real life.

 Keep It Moving

  • When you cross the finish line (yay you!), keep it movin’ sister. Tons of runners will be coming through the finish line behind you, so to avoid a 10 car pileup, jog/speed walk out of the way before you stop to pose for your well deserved photo opportunity.

Remember the rules of the playground

  • If you see a lineup for the porta potties, or for the water station after the race, don’t cut in line. Wasn’t cool then, isn’t cool now.

Stay Positive!

  • At SeaWheeze, we encountered a few runners complaining about how hard the race was, how they wanted to die (which kind of made us LOL), how the KM measurement was off, and even one ‘coach’ who’s strategy was to yell at his friend/daughter/prisoner in an attempt to motivate her. Running is a huge mental game, and nobody wants to be dragged down by negativity from other people on the course.


Anything else we missed?

xo, late & lovely 


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