50 awesome things about Calgary (and Alberta)


Raised in the Centre of the Universe, many wonder why we’d move to Calgary where it can hit lows of -40, and has an (unfair) reputation of being seen as a boring cow-town in the middle of nowhere. Plus, with all the doom and gloom about our economy, we wanted to share  50 awesome things that we love about Calgary (and Alberta):

  1. The people are incredibly nice and friendly (that Western Hospitality)
  2. Chinook winds (hello patio drinks in March)
  3. Dry climate (goodbye frizzy hair)
  4. Mountains (real ones, not like Blue Mountain)
  5. For golfers – Alberta has more golf courses than any other province
  6. Youthful population (average age is 35)
  7. One of the cleanest cities in the world
  8. Calgary is one of only three places in the world that is rat free (ew)
  9. There are more volunteers per capita than any other Canadian city
  10. Manageable traffic
  11. Being able to purchase alcohol at places other than the LCBO (#alldayparty)
  12. Better quality of life (Toronto can keep its rat race/glorification of busy reputation)
  13. STAMPEDE (for 10 whole days!)
  14. Abundance of sunny days (even during the winter, Calgary averages 333 days of sun a year, and was voted the Sunniest Major City in Canada)
  15. Access to hockey games (i.e. actually being able to get tickets without paying $200 for one seat in the nosebleeds)
  16. A hockey team that actually makes the Playoffs (#GoFlamesGo)
  17. The Red Mile when our team makes the Playoffs
  18. Long summer days (the sun rises at 5:30 a.m. and sets around 10 p.m.)
  19. Cowboys (even cops wear cowboy hats here)
  20. Cheaper gas prices (which is great, because everyone drives an SUV or truck)
  21. Hiking (the options are endless)
  22. Lake Louise (stunning scenery less than 3 hours from Calgary)
  23. Banff (fun little town, with tons of hike options about 2 hours from Calgary)
  24. Drumheller (dinosaur bones!)
  25. Delicious Caesar’s (best Caesar game in Canada – which makes sense, because the drink was invented here)
  26. Local craft beer  options (Village Brewery, Big Rock)
  27. Wildlife (even their ‘pigeons’ are cuter here)
  28. 5% tax on goods (see point below)
  29. Nordstrom (Calgary is home to one of only two locations in Canada)
  30. Quick flight to some awesome States including California, Hawaii, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Nevada.
  31. Being within driving distance to many B.C. gems like Kelowna/Okanagan, Kamloops, Emerald Lake (yay for road trips)
  32. Free line dancing lessons at Ranchman’s
  33. Floating down the Bow and Elbow Rivers during the summer
  34. Amazing burgers (because, Alberta beef)
  35. Booming foodie scene – Calgary is quickly becoming a hot spot for some great new restaurants
  36. Access to Canada Olympic Park (COP) for bob-sledding, luging, skiing
  37. Having a Mayor who was voted World’s Best Mayor in 2014 (and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is on Twitter)
  38. Countless free events in East Village (ranging from urban sketching classes to outdoor yoga to surfboard fitness classes)
  39. It’s an active city (whether it’s people biking on the bike paths downtown, or running along Eau Claire/up the Crescent Heights stairs, people are always on the go)
  40. Awesome yoga and  fitness studios like HotShop, YYCCycle, One Cycle
  41. Free ice skating at Olympic Plaza
  42. Beautiful Christmas decorations at City Hall and Bankers Hall
  43. Photogenic public art, like the Wonderland sculpture
  44. Bowling & drinking at National
  45. Adults Night Only at Telus Spark
  46. No lack of country concerts, Saddledome and Cowboys have you covered
  47. Only Canadian stop of the Country Thunder festival
  48. Home to music festivals like Sled Island and Calgary Folk Fest
  49. Trendy, walk-able neighbourhoods to explore, like Bridgeland, Inglewood, and Mission
  50. Bearded men…lots and lots of bearded men

xo, late & lovely


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