YYC Fitness: Calgary Hot Yoga Review

Part of the fun of moving to a new province is getting a fresh start, but one of the downsides is trying to find your go-to services again – dentist, doctor,  hair stylist, yoga studio, and so on. Lucky for us, Calgary has a pretty large yoga community, and there are endless studio options to explore. We’ve been checking out a few before we settle on our favourite, and we thought we’d share our reviews for those who are looking to explore as well. First up – Calgary Hot Yoga.


Location: 3803 26 Ave SW

Price: $40 for unlimited two weeks (first-timers); $15 for a drop-in

First impression: The studio location is far from glam – unlike some of the trendy, brand-new studios located downtown, it’s located in a tiny strip mall nestled between a convenience store and a couple restaurants. The entrance and change rooms aren’t the fanciest looking (we’ve been spoiled by brand new studios, such snobs ;)). However, it’s about 15 years old, and the first hot yoga studio in Calgary, which is pretty cool.

Actual impression: Once you get past the location and into the studio, it’s great. The studio is one of the largest we’ve been in, which means you’re not mere inches away from your neighbour. All of the teachers seem incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, and we definitely got the vibe that there’s a tight knit community of regulars attending class. We love that teachers give out cool lemongrass face clothes at the end of class, which is the best treat after spending 60-75 minutes dripping with sweat.

Classes: We really tried to take advantage of the intro special, and have gone 11 times in two weeks, trying out the following:

  • Hot Flow: “dynamic, energizing classes will get the blood pumping! Linking breath with movement this class will strengthen the body, develop concentration and clear the mind.” We tried this for our first class, and were so not prepared for it. The 40 degree heat + intensity of flow had us in child’s pose for a 1/4 of the class. However, when we returned after a week of yoga classes, we were a-okay. Do this class if you want a challenging workout!
  • Hot Hips: “wise yogis say that our hips are the fountain of youth! Tap into a more youthful you with this invigorating hip opening and strength building flow.”  – We loved this class. Reminiscent of a flow class + a bit of yin, it’s still a solid workout, but not as intense as Hot Flow
  • Hot Core: “connect with your inner core strength! The poses in this class are dedicated to the muscles of the core which include, shoulders, chest, back, abdominals, hip and glutes.” – Holy moly, be prepared for your abs to hurt for days afterward. Although it was super challenging at the time, it’s always nice to feel like you’ve actually worked your muscles afterwards. No pain no gain.
  • Hot 26: “a sequenced class of 26 classic postures based on the Classic 84 Asanas. These postures are designed to address every muscle, organ and joint in the body, strengthening the spine, stimulating the internal organs, detoxifying the entire system and opening the heart!” – This might just take the cake for being our favourite class. We liked the structured routine of this, and felt great hearing that we had worked every muscle, organ and joint in the body for the ultimate detox.
  • Pure Yin: “the Pure Yin classes will begin to work the connective tissues in the body that need to be exercised in a different way. Yin classes are room temperature and not sequenced. 95% of Yin poses are floor poses and we generally hold each pose anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes or more!” – One of the best ways to close off a week of physical activity. We were so relaxed we found ourselves wishing the class would go on longer. Highly recommend!

Tip: Don’t park in the strip mall – parking is limited to 15 minutes only, so you’re better off parking on a side street (we always find a spot on 38 St SW) or behind the studio which has a pretty large parking lot.

Stay tuned for more reviews coming soon!

xo, late & lovely




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