Lovely Girl’s Guide to Nashville

Nashville is one of our favourite places on the planet. No joke. It’s all of our favourite things packaged into one- scorching heat, cowboys, country music, Southern hospitality and biscuits.  We’re not ashamed to admit that we’re as basic as an avocado emoji so naturally, we did a number of basic activities in Nashville.

If you’re into the occasional PSL or Cosmo, this is the Nashville guide is for you:

  • The Pedal Tavern: aka Nashville’s Premier Party Bike is incredibly fun. You bring your own booze (they provide the coolers and cups), and you drink & pedal around the city on this massive bike with nine other people. There are various routes to choose from that include several stops but you need to book early because the bachelorettes are all over this. The “driver” is often cute, super outgoing and has great playlist to ensure whatever time it is (hello, 10AM) you have a wonderful drunken time.


  • The CMAFest: aka Country Music Awards Festival is Country Music Heaven. The festival spans four days and takes over the city with country music everywhere you turn. Top artists perform in Nissan Stadium which requires festival tickets but it’s definitely worth the investment (app. $250 CAD depending how bad the dollar is). This year we got to see Blake Shelton, Florida Georgia Line, Carrie Underwood, Thomas Rhett, Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Rascal Flatts, Sam Hunt, Steven Tyler and more.


  • The Bluebird Cafe: If you’re a fan of the show Nashville, this is a must-stop. Line-ups to get in for the shows can extend upwards of 4 hours so if you’re planning to go to a show, be prepared to get in line early. We don’t have that kind of dedication and time is precious on vacation so we just went inside to get tourist tank tops and take a few pictures. That was enough for us even though seeing a show would have been cool.


  • Grand Ole Opry: This is another stop that was not only made “more famous” because of the show Nashville, but is iconic to country music. The first show was performed in 1925, and launched the beginning of country music. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see a show as it conflicted with CMA Fest but our friends were able to get a backstage tour which was still an amazing experience.
  • I Believe in Nashville sign: These signs are all over the city and are a major tourist attraction. You have to do a bit of research to find one near you but they all seem fairly accessible. We went to the one next to Draper James which leads us into the next basic item on our itinerary…


  • Draper James: Named after her grandparents, Reese Witherspoon’s store oozes Southern Charm. Filled with bold flower prints, cute taglines and complimentary Sweet Tea, this store is like walking into a high-end Southern Belle’s house where you don’t want to touch anything and instantly feel poor.


  • Tequila Cowboy: is an Authentic “honky tonk” bar with live music and great food. We had to experience at least one honky tonk and this bar exceeded expectations with it’s great service, super muscular bar tender and incredibly talented live bands. We got to see a lot of top artists while in Nashville but there is still something about seeing live music in a more intimate setting. There is so much talent in Nashville, we don’t even know how anyone “makes it.”


That’s a wrap to our Basic Girl’s Guide to Nashville. We’re sure there are lots more we can add and will be back sooner rather than later. Recommendations welcome 🙂

xo, late & lovely

P.s. Country girls have more fun!


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