Nashville restaurant review: Pinewood Social

Admittedly, we did minimal research before travelling to Nashville, as our main focus was on attending CMAFest and living out our country music dreams. After a couple last minute texts to friends who had visited Music City, we discovered that Pinewood Social seemed to be a top recommendation, so we added it to our must-visit list.

Pinewood Social was a wee bit of a trek to get to (although it’s downtown, we walked all the way down Broadway to the river, and realized we still needed to walk 15 minutes east) but it was more than worth it.

The whole space is a design/typography/branding lover’s dream. From the subway tiled floors to the cute menus, neon sign, this place has a great vibe. Plus it had so much to offer – there’s a coffee bar, restaurant, cocktail bar, lounge, outdoor pool and even a bowling alley. You could truly spend all day there and have the best time.

Pinewood Social Nashville

We ordered lunch, and although we weren’t overly impressed with the meals we ordered, we would love to come back for a coffee, or perhaps some bowling or cocktails by the pool.

Pinewood Social Nashville


Another bonus – this spot seemed like a place where locals visit, so we got escape the typical CMAFest crowd here (however, we looked quite out of place in our country get-up!).

xo, late & lovely


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