Styled at Nordstrom: The Best Way to Shop

Nordstrom made it’s way to Calgary in September 2014 and all fashionistas rejoiced. If you’re not yet rocking Loub’s and Louis’ on the reg, Nordstrom is that perfect place where you can still find an array of designers at different price points and not be looked at like a peasant by the staff (no culprits mentioned).

Recently, we discovered that Nordstrom has personal shopper/stylist service available for booking and it’s the best thing EVER. No longer do we have to look like a Basic B%&#@ (see you later, Uggs) but can look as trendy as our Pinboards. To help us achieve our fashion dreams, we were paired with a stylist named Shu. Shu has an enviable talent where she can put together any look from ghetto fab to boho chic to preppy in a matter of minutes.

Before meeting with Shu, we sent her our sizes in advance, items we were desiring (e.g. work clothes, dress for a summer wedding), and a brief overview of our style.

We watched in awe as she pulled together stylish outfits for us out of what seemed like a mish mash of clothing, and even took it one step further, showing us how to maximize each piece by mixing, matching and styling. She was also great at pushing our comfort zones – at first we balked at items like bold flower printed pants and wildly patterned tops, but she told us to trust her, and we’re glad we did. Each outfit looks like it was straight from a fashion magazine, and we felt more stylish than we’ve ever felt before.


The best part about the service? It’s complimentary, and there’s zero pressure to buy. Of course, you’ll want to come with a budget in mind, because once you start seeing all the fabulous outfits being pulled for you, it’s going to be tough to leave anything behind. Our recommendation is to save up your monthly clothing pennies, and consider booking a stylist appointment quarterly, right before each season so you don’t miss a trend.



Tip: If you’re looking to treat a special person in your life for a birthday or anniversary gift, there are add ons you can include beyond the complimentary personal stylist service, such as a makeup application, champagne, and lunch, to make it a full day affair.

Happy Shopping!


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