Amex Invites Dining Experience at Pigeonhole

Pigeonhole has been on our radar since we heard it was voted one of Canada’s Best New Restaurants by Air Canada enRoute magazine. In November, our wish was fulfilled! Through American Express Invites, we got the chance to attend an exclusive dining experience at Pigeonhole,  and it was truly fantastic – from the service, to the wine, to the abundance of share plates that chef Justin Leboe kept sending out, much to our delight.

Pigeonhole restaurant

Upon arrival, we were greeted with champagne and brought to the chef’s table,  so we had a front row seat to all the action. After a little mixing and mingling with the other guests, we sat down and were told we could order off the menu, or leave it up to the chef (can you guess which option we chose?).


Pigeonhole Restaurant
Chef Justin Leboe and his team


Small share plates started appearing, starting with 1/2 dozen fresh oysters (our fave!), tuna crudo with whipped yogurt, cucumbers,  crunchy puffed rice, and charred cabbage with jalapeno salad cream and tons of shredded Mimolette cheese, such a tasty and interesting dish.

1/2 dozen fresh oysters

Next up were slightly heavier dishes: ricotta dumplings with mushrooms and confit onion, cauliflower with miso (incredible), potato and cod perogies with house made sour cream, and our absolute favourite dish of the night: beets and halloumi cheese with pistachio, capers, and parsley.

Dinner at Pigeonhole
Cauliflower, oysters, beets and halloumi

For the ‘main’ course, the chef sent out lamb tartare with goat’s butter and spicy greens, grilled duck leg served satay style with peanuts and cilantro (a group favourite), and veal breast served with black sesame and piled high with mushrooms.

Veal Breast with black sesame and mushrooms
Veal Breast with black sesame and mushrooms

At this point, we were stuffed, but who can say no to dessert, especially when it looks this good. We tasted the pot de creme with chocolate, espresso, chantilly cream and cocoa nib tulle, which was unbelievably good, buttermilk panna cotta with cranberry jam and honey caramel milk crumble, and the lemon tart with a pine nut crust and lemon curd.

Dessert at Pigeonhole
Pot de Creme, Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Lemon Tart

If you’re looking for a great dining experience with tasty cocktails and great service, we definitely recommend giving Pigeonhole a try.


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