#LLnoCarbs Challenge FAIL

August marked the start or our ambitious 30-Day No Carb Challenge which started off strong but unfortunately came to a crashing halt when we hit the dessert menu at the Bow Valley Ranche (sad times but no regrets!). Though we didn’t last a full 30-days we did manage to conquer a solid 16 with no carbs so that’s something to be proud of, right?

As we fought off craving our regular weekend pizza and…chips, popcorn, grilled cheese for just over two solid weeks, we did learn a few things that will help us they next time we get carb phobia:

1) Meal prep like crazy

Spending a few hours on the weekend planning and prepping meals for the week may not sound like a good time, but we’ve found this to be crucial for keeping us in line for the week. As the saying goes, failing to plan, is planning to fail. We spent a few weekend hours writing out meal plans, creating grocery lists, prepping the food. Once you get a routine going, it actually becomes an enjoyable task – chopping veggies, cooking, and assembling our Tupperware containers makes us feel super organized and like we’re better humans all around.

Some fave recipes included chicken tortilla soup (hold the tortillas), Brussels Sprouts stirfry, and kale salad. We also kept our fridges stocked with healthy options like fruit and cottage cheese, roasted veggies, and lean proteins like baked chicken and hard boiled eggs.

Vegetable prep

Cottage cheese and fruit

Vegetable prep

2) Find healthy alternatives for ‘comfort foods’ to make on weekends

Since we’re accustomed to indulging to the extremes on weekends, it’s pretty hard to stick to the day-to-day salad and veggies on the weekends. We’re believers in #TreatYoSelf so we found healthy ways to still do so on the weekends.

For example, instead of the usual breakfast green smoothie that takes us through Monday – Friday on the weekends, we’ll make an omelette with veggies and bocconcini cheese, or a chicken/apple sausage with avocado, sliced tomato, and cantaloupe. Instead of ordering takeout pizza, we attempted to make a cauliflower crust pizza that was actually pretty tasty.

healthy breakfast option

pizza 2

3) Misery loves company

Knowing that someone else is suffering going through this challenge makes it more manageable. Being able to text each other with complaints like, “I want 5 bags of chips…Why am I doing this?!…I’m tempted to emoticon text Domino’s” keeps each other on track, because it’s nice to commiserate. Plus, the prospect of owing the other person $10 for a slip up is a good motivator as well…until you both end up at the same party with Crème brûlée and blame it on YOLO.

Overall, it was a fun little challenge. We’re always trying new things and taking on new challenges but this one wasn’t for us 🙂


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