Calgary Folk Festival Eats

This past weekend, Calgary welcomed over 70 artists from 16 different countries for the 36th annual Folk Festival . You would think we showed up for the music, but actually the food and drink experience was the bigger draw for us. To give this some context, neither of us can say we have good taste in music. If it’s country or top 40, then we’re in, but otherwise our musical taste is hardly sophisticated. On Thursday and Friday we were getting FOMO seeing all the fun festival pics on Instagram, so when a friend gave us last minute tickets on Saturday evening, we jumped at the opportunity to see what Folk Fest was all about. And for us, that meant eating, a lot.

Fish Tacos from Taiko Taco

Kimchi slaw, green onion, cilantro, black sesame, pickled carrot on a steamed bun – 3 for $12 was the perfect amount.

Fish Tacos Taiko Taco Calgary Folk Festival

Hot Mess Grilled Cheese from Cheezy Bizness

Pimento cheese, pepper jack, banana peppers, sriracha mayo, Spragg’s Spanish chorizo, Sylvan Star Farms fried egg = YUM. The cashier told us it’d be about 15 minutes as it was made fresh, and it was more than worth the wait. (we split this so we could eat more).

Grilled Cheese Cheezy Bizness at Calgary Folk Festival
Mexi-Fries from Los Tacos Hermanos

Fries loaded with tomatoes, green onions, sour cream, mozzarella and spices (+ chicken and extra guacamole), basically like a plate of nachos, but with a french fry base!

Mexi-Fries from Calgary Folk Festival

Nutella/banana/whipped cream crepe

Standard crepe filled with nutella and bananas, extra whip to cleanse our palate before Sangria. Note: impossible to split delicately.

Crepe from Calgary Folk Festival

Sangria pitchers from Big Rock Brewery

Each pitcher cost 5 drink tickets ($35) and was surprisingly tasty! Nice to have another option other than beer or spirits.

Sangria pitchers from Calgary Folk Festival

Tip: Go to Folk Fest with an empty stomach and consider splitting dishes with a friend so you can eat more (that’s our inner fat kid speaking). There were so many other food trucks we wanted to try, but were too full. Guess we’ll have to wait till next year!



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